#095-S - Bracket and Adhesive Removing Plier

Through research and development, Orthopli Corporation has developed what is considered to be the most efficient bracket and adhesive removing plier available. The hardened tool steel inserted lower beak configuration is designed for the ease of removing direct bond brackets and adhesive. It can be easily sharpened by operator. Teflon tip on upper beak for patient comfort. Can be used for both posterior and anterior.

#095-T - Replacement tips for Orthoplis #095-S

#097-LT - Replacement tops for #095-S (6 per pack)

Nylon or Teflon (Teflon withstands high heat)

#098 - Bracket Removing Plier (Straight)

Designed with tool steel inserts for long life and for the ease in removing direct bond brackets. Ideally designed for those orthodontists who prefer not to engage the plier tip on the tooth when removing direct bond brackets. No discomfort to the patient.

#098-A - Bracket Removing Plier (Angulated)

The expert craftsmanship and design that goes into our #098-A. This plier affords a 60° angle for those orthodontists who prefer an angular instrument for accessible ease to the molar area. Tool steel inserted tip design allows the instrument to be used both right and left side, upper and lower.

#095 - Bracket and Adhesive Removing Plier

Removes direct bond brackets and adhesives.   The lower beak is steel inserted with a concaved front to conform with the teeth.

#095-T - Replacement tip for 095

#098-SL - Bracket Remover Slotted Beak

The beaks are slotted to fit over an archwire when removing the bracket.   Machined serrations on the beaks will lightly torque the 4-wings of the bracket for easy comfortable removal of the bracket.

#095-AR - Composite Remover (Removable Tip)

Cleverly designed and constructed of a stainless steel forging with a removable hardened steel insert.   The removable tip is curved at both ends and secured in place with an alan screw.   Both ends are identical so when one end dulls you unscrew the tip and flip it around giving you double use of the tip. All plastic tips are heat sterilizable

#097-T - Replacement Plastic Tip (6/pack - standard 5mm dia.)

#097-TB - Replacement Plastic Tip (6/pack - large 6.5mm dia.)

#095-ART - Composite Remover Metal Replacement Tip (Metal)

Designed and manufactured of hardened stainless steel.   Both ends are curved and designed to be used with our 095-AR instrument.   (replacement screw is included with each tip)

#095-DL - Bracket & Adhesive Removing Plier (Lingual - Double Sided)

Orthopli has developed what is considered to be the most efficient bracket and adhesive removing plier available for the lingual area. Double sided beaks of hardened tool steel inserts permits ease and accessibility to difficult lingual areas. Soft vinyl tips on upper beaks for patient comfort.

#095-T - Nylon Replacement Tip for Orthopli's #095-DL