#W108 - Whemer Dual Model Trimmer

Standard Orthodontics Trimmer includes

• Removable dual angulation table

• Squaring tool with soft rubber face

• 12" fine and course grinding wheel

• 1/2 HP motor

• Buit-in water spray system

• Dimenstions 21.5"w x 18"d x 15.5"h

#W108-P Pro-Whemer Dual Model Trimmer

Heavy duty PRO-Trimmer includes

• Squaring and angulation tools

• Diamond 12" course wheel

• 3/4 HP motor

• Built-in water spray system

• Electric water valve

• Dimensions 21.5"w x 18"d x 15.5"h


Whemer Dual Model Trimmer Accessories

W108-L - Work Light

W108-V - Electric Water Valve

W108-DT - Drain Tray

W108-TS - Trimmer Splash Shield


Whemer Replacement Wheels

W108-F - Fine Wheel

W108-C - Course Wheel

W108-DF - Diamond Fine Wheel

W108-DC - Diamond Course Wheel

W108-PF - Prime Cut Fine Wheel

W108-PC - Prime Cut Course Wheel

#107-S Whemer Vacuum Spatulator with Stand

• Highly effective spatulation for a smooth mix

• Two 800cc spatulator cups

• 1/3 HP motor

• Cup may be connected or disconnected while motor is running

• White enamel color, formica base

• Dimensions 10.5"w x 12"d x 21.5"h

#107SP Pro-Whemer Vacuum Spatulator with Stand

• Stainless steel work table

• (2) 1000cc stainless steel bowls

• Stainless agitator/lid combination

• 24" vacuum line with quick disconnect

• Dimensions 10.5"w x 12"d x 21.5"h

Plastic Bowl Spatulator

• Sold in sets of two

• Complete assemblies available, please call

• 1/3 HP motor

• Cup may be connected or disconnected with motor is running

• White enamel color, formica base

• Dimensions 10"w x 12"d x 21.5"h


#ORW-U - Orthodontic Welder

• Dual purpose leads for remote welding and soldering

• Electric Solderer and annealer

• 12 Welding tip combinations

• 9 pulse time settings for welding

#ORW-MF Miraflux

• 2 oz jar

• Protects metal from oxidation

• Adaptable to all soldering operations on gold, silver and stainless steel

#ORW-SS-Spooled Solder

• Low (weight 5-DWT) (Diamater .025) melting point and flow point for better control

• Dead soft for easy adaption


#ORW-PFS-Perfect-Flo Solder (6DWT)

• Perfect for all electric soldering operations

• Will not overheat, ball up, or oxodize

• Supplied in convenient, easy-to-use triple thick flat strips

#BLL-T - Baldor Laboratory Lathe

• Tapered standard dental shafts

• 2 speed motor RPM 3450/1725

• 1/3 HP motor

#RED-W - Red Wing Lathe

• 1/4 HP laboratory bench motor

• Single speed with standard tapered shaft

• Dimensions 15 1/2" long x 7 1/8" wide by 7 1/4" high

#SPLH - Splash Hood

• Aluminum construction

• Dimensions 12" high x 6" wide by 10" deep

• Includes removable insert pan for easy clean up

#DC-DS Double Sided Vacuum

• Unique rear off-set design allows for air escapement

• Dual lights placed to highlight work

• Dimensions 33 1/2"W x 11" H x 22" D

#DC-SS - Single Sided Vacuum

• Single axial fan blower

• Replaceable fiberglass filter

• Light under hood

• Dimensions 10 1/4" W x 10"H x 17 1/4" D


Lab Chuck Accessories

0124-1 Hard Wheel Right Hand

0124-2 Soft Wheel Right Hand

0124-3 Hard Wheel Left Hand

0124-4 Soft Wheel Left Hand

0124-5 Burr Chuck Right Hand

0124-6 Band Arbor Right Hand

#MIE II - Micro Etcher II Sandblaster

Newly designed the Micro-Etcher II has many advantageous features when utilized in today’s practice. The unit is sold in a hard shell storage case and extended flexible tubing. The Micro-Etcher II is sold with a 60 degree tip.

#MIE IIA - Micro Etcher Sandblaster (Autoclavable)

The uniqueness to the Micro-Etcher II A is it fully Autoclavable with a 360 degree rotating nozzle. The unit is sold with 60 degree tip and hard shell storage case with extended flexible tubing.

Micro and Macro Cabinets

Choose between two custom designed compact dust cabinets that will meet your individual operatory needs. These cabinets are designed to contain dust and debris while sandblasting and hand piece grinding. The filter in the rear of the unit will exhaust the clean air and operates with standard 110 outlet.

MACCA MACRO-CAB 9 3/4W x 7"H x 12"D

MICCA MICRO-CAB 6 1/2"W x 6 1/2"H x 12"D

#MIE-ST - International Sand Traps (15 per Pack)

• Soft clear plastic

• Slips onto high speed suction

• Microetcher slips through top

Micro and Macro Cabinet Accessories - Replacement Window

MACCA-W - Macro Cab

MICCA-W - Micro Cab

Micro and Macro Cabinet Accessories - Shields (10 per pack)

The shields get taped to inside window

MACCA-S Macro Cab

MICCA-S Micro Cab

Micro and Macro Cabinet Accessories - Filters

MACCA-F Macro-Cab

MICCA-F Micro-Cab

Micro-Etcher Hook-ups

MIEOP - Operator Hook-up

MIELH - Lab Stop

Micro-Etcher Tips

MIET-90 90 Degree Tip

MIET-120 60 Degree Tip

MIET-180 180 Degree Tip

Aluminum Oxide - MIE SA85

MIEA SA85 Lab use only. Rapid removal of sement resins. Ortho-prophy SA85 (1 LB)

Aluminum Oxide - MIE A0-50

MIEA0-50 Interoral lab use and bonding preparation. Aluminum oxide (50 Micron 1 LB)

Aluminum Oxide - MIE A0-90

MIE A0-90 Resin removal can be used in the mouth. Aluminum Oxide (90 Micron 1 LB)

#BTG Micro Torch

Electronic instant igition torch requires only one hand to ignite and adjust the flame. The easy, thumb-adjusted gas flow lever allows precision flame corrections. Approximate working time is 90 minutes.

#0404 - Plaster Nippers

All stainless steel nippers especially designed for accurate clipping of excess plaster from laboratory work models

#0243 - Waxing Instruments

All stainless steel single ended instruments ideally used in waxing and metal carving

#0157 Plaster Knife Straight


#0156 Plaster Knife Curved (Murphy)

• Single axial fan blower

• Replaceable fiberglass filter

• Light under hood

• Dimensions 10 1/4" W x 10"H x 17 1/4" D

#0410 Laboratory Carbide Bars (3/32" Shank)

CBB1 - Barrel

CBC2 - Cone

CBE3 - Egg

CBT4 - Taper

CBF5 - Flame

CBC6 - Cylinder

#0411 Lathe Carbide Bars 3/8"

CBC3 - Cylinder 3/8"

CBT3 - Taper 3/8"

CBE3 - Egg 3/8"

#0412 Lathe Carbide Bar 1/2"

CBC4 - Cylinder 1/2"

CBT4 - Taper 1/2"

CBE4 - Egg 1/2"

#086 - Insulated Grip Self-Closing Tweezers (Curved)


#PLA-25 Orthodontic Plaster (25 lb. box)

• Ultimate pure white in color

• Maximum break-resistant strength

• Sets up in 8 to 12 minutes

• Total set-up is approximately 25 minutes

#ALMX - Alginmax Alginate (1 lb. pouch)

• Hyrocoloud Chromatic Alginate

• 120 hours of dimensional stability

• Chromatic phase indicator

• Easy marginal reading

HydroGel Alginate

Meets all ADA and ISO standards. This gel forming material gives accurate details while having higher tear strength. Hidrogel Alginate has a mild pleasant taste and sets fast and dustless.

HGAC - 11 lb. Canister

HGAP - 11 lb Foil Pouch

#WONF-B Wonderfill

This pre-mixed Wonderfill saves time and produces an excellent model and fill in bubbles and air pockets. Wonderfill also holds up under heat, is water soluble and requires no clean up.

Alginate Flavors

This sugar-free Alginate offers a great taste as a low price. 2 oz. bottles

ALGF-BB - Blueberry

ALGF-BG - Bubble Gum

ALGF-C - Cherry

ALGF-CHOC - Chocolate

ALGF-G - Grape

ALGF-O - Orange

ALGF-PEP - Peppermint

ALGF-R - Raspberry

ALGF-S - Stawberry

ALGF-WM Watermelon

#WONDF-AM - Wonder Admix Concentrate

Used for ALL die stones, buff stones and dental plasters. Produces a creamy stone texture that flows evenly, performs well as a de-bubblizer, increases density, and adds strength to the stone models. Includes 2-60ml ready mix syringes, 1 3/4 gallon mixing container, 1-4 oz measuring cup.

#Model Base

Create accurate tweed specifincation models. Flexible material facilitiates separation and cleaning. Rigid walls assure shape during vibration.

MBF-U - Upper

MBF-L - Lower

Rubber Mixing Bowls

The mixing bowls are manufactured in a soft pliable black rubber

MXBR-1 - 3x5

MXBR-2 - 5 3/4 x 6 1/4

MXBR-3 - 6 1/2 x 8 1/2

Vinyl Mixing Bowls

Made for those who want a truly flexible mixing bowl. 4 inches in diamater

MXBV-1 - Red

MXBV-2 - Blue

#SS3 Mixing Spatula

Stainless steel head

Leone 620 Expansion Screws (1 per pack)

• Laser-etched batch number

• Features "Muscle Thread"

• Specially designed activation holes

• Directional arrows and Expansion screws

• Solder welding to eliminate oxidation and corrosion in the mouth


arms diam mm

length mm


activation turns for maximum expansion limit
EXS-8 1,5 12 8 35
EXS-9 1,5 14 9 40
EXS-11 1,5 15 11 50
EXS-13 1,5 18 13 60


Ball Clasps (100 per pack)

• Stress relieved for strength without brittleness

• Ball is twice diamater of wire

• Ball and wire are strong one-piece construction

BLC-24 - .024"

BLC-28 - .028"

BLC-32 - .032"

BLC-36 - .036"

BLC-40 - .040"

#ESKEY-Expansion Screw Swivel Key (10 per pack)

DEveloped for adjustments to Rapid Palatal Expansors after the initial activation has been accomplished.

#RPBEN-RP Bender

Allows for easy bending once inserted into the rapid Expansion arm

Adams Clasps (100 per pack)

Angled loop provides excellent interproximal grippage without interfering with adjacent teeth.

ACL-8 - 8mm

ACL-9 - 9mm

ACL-10 - 10mm

ACL-11 - 11mm

ACL-12 - 12mm


Spooled Lab Wire

Chrome-cobalt stainless stell alloy. 3 oz.

SPOLW-28 - 90ft - .028"

SPOLW-32 - 68ft - .032"

SPOLW-36 - 54ft - .036"

Stainless Steel Impression Trays

All trays are constructed of stainless steel with beveled Rim Lock edges to ensure comfort. They can be autoclaved, chemically sterilized, or dry heat sterilized without discoloration. The impression trays are clearly labeled their size for easy identification

XXS Small Upper ITSXXU ITPXXSU 2 1/4" 1 5/8" 5/8"
XXS Small Lower ITSXXSL ITPXXSL 2 3/8" 1 7/8" 5/8"
X Small Upper ITSXSU ITPXSU 2 1/8" 1 7/8" 3/4"
X Small Lower ITSXSL ITPXSL 2 3/4" 2" 3/4"
Small Upper ITSSU ITPSU 2 9/16" 2" 3/4"
Small Lower ITSSL ITPSL 2 3/4" 2 3/16" 3/4"
Medium Upper ITSMU ITPMU 2 3/4" 2 1/8" 3/4"
Medium Lower ITSML ITPML 2 3/4" 2 3/8 3/4"
Large Upper ITSLU ITPLU 2 7/8" 2 1/4" 3/4"
Large Lower ITSLL ITPLL 2 15/16" 2 3/8" 3/4"
X Large Upper ITSXLU ITPXLU 3 1/8" 2 1/2" 3/4"
X Large Lower ITSXLL ITPXLL 3 1/8" 2 9/16" 3/4"


Aluminum Disposable Bendable Impression Trays

These impression trays are made of bendable aluminum which is capable of being easily formed with your fingers. This will allow you to contour around teeth, brackets, or other tough locations.

ADISU - Small Upper

ADISL - Small Lower

ADIMU - Medium Upper

ADIML - Medium Lower

ADILU - Large Upper

ADILL - Large Lower

#IPTC - Tray Cleaner

Easy powder substance that removed alginate, zinc, oxide-eugenor, modeling compound, and waxes from metal impression trays.

#HSA - Hold Spray-on Tray Adhesive

This liquid adhesive for dental impression trays helps achieve greater accuracy for most alginate and hydrocolloid impressions.

Disposable Impression Trays

Molded with a polystryene plastic, Orthopli's disposable impression trays serve as an excellent source whern quick impressions are needed. The trays are perforated to insure alginate attention and are color coded for easy identification

Pedo Red DI-OU DI-OL
X-Small Orange DI-IU DI-IL
Small Blue DI-2U DI-2L
Medium Green DI-3U DI-3L
Large Yellow DI-4U DI-4L


#DI-K - Disposable Mixed Tray Kit (50 trays - 5 of each size)

This is a combination of all of our disposable impression trays. The kit includes 5 upper and lower trays of every size or our disposable impression trays.

#CALII - Cadco Alginator II

The Alginator II is an easy, clean, and bubble-free way to mix alginate and stone while eliminating waster. Includes Alginator, 1 Lb. Identic & 1 LB. Kromafaze medium bowl. Clean & Lub Spray and spatula. Measure 5" wide by 10 1/2" long by 4 1/4" high.

#VB-3 - Vibrator

Three-speed vibrator with greater weight and lower center of gravity prevents unit from dancing at higher speeds. Quiter operation, with greater surface area on platform. Has extra long cord and three-pring grounded plug. 120 Volt, 40W, 60Hz.

#A07 - Articulator

This lightweight articulator fits nicely in your hand and you can approach it at any angle desired. Also, the casts can be removed easily with the twist of a thumbscrew.