Color Code Rings

Orthopli offers unique designed Color Code Rings fabricated of a heat resistable material and able to withstand heats up to 550°. The Color Code Rings are excellent for identification purposes and will not discolor or distort in the auto-clave, chem-clave, dry-heat and color sterilization solutions. 100 rings per box

#0116 - Toothbrushes (Disposable)

Each toothbrush comes individually wrapped and prepasted

100 toothbrushes per box

#ESFS - Enamel Stripper Frame Small

Circular hooked front for easy strip placement

Enamel stripper includes 5 medium dual sided blades

Blades are sold 10 strips per pack

#ESFXS - Enamel Stripper Frame Extra Small

Enamel stripper frame includes 5-4mm medium grit single sided strips

Diamond strips are sold in 10 strips per pack medium grit

#ESF - Enamel Stripper Frame Standard

Enamel stripper included with 6-4mm medium grit dual sided strips

Diamond strips are sold 12 strips per pack medium grit

Arch Wire Markers

100 markers per pack

Wax tips for placing marks

#0114 - Napkin Holder, non chill, alligator clip

Soft vinyl for patient comfort and alligator clips for non-slip grip.

6 Per Pack.


#0121 - Hawk Band Contouring File (Heat Sterilizable)

Orthopli's new heat and chemically sterilizable band contouring file tip. It is manufactured of a non corrosion resistant material. The file can be used for furnishing, shaping bands and remove burs and sharp edges.

#DM - Disposable Mirrors

Individually packed

Elongated mirror with 40% larger viewing surface

Pull tab easily removes protective film from mirror surface

100 Per Pack

#MAND - Mandrel

Designed to fit most orthodontic and dental laboratory lathes.   This mandrel will securely hold the Orthopli Satin Buff   Wheel and Mirror Polish Wheel during use.

#DMEP - Disposable Mirror/Perio Probe Explorer Pack

1 disposable dental mirror with anti-fog coating

• 1 disposable double end probe & explorer

Great patient comfort for routine exams, emergency treatment, and off site visits

3 in 1 intra-oral exam pack

50 packages per order

50 Per Pack.

#SBW - Satin Buff Wheel

This satin wheel will create a brushed satin appearance on stainless steel.   It is to be used to clean up the appearance of instruments and it will remove any stains or debris on the exterior surface of the instrument.   Sold in packs of 3.   Measures 5"diameter, 3/8" thick, and 1/4" arbor hole.3 Per Pack.

#MPW - Mirror Polish Wheel

This white stitched buff wheel is to be used in combination with our green compound to bring stainless steel to a high shine.   Sold in packs of 3.   Measures 5" diameter, 5/16"thick, and 1/4" arbor hole. 3 Per Pack

#BC - Buff Compound

This green compound is to be used in combination with our mirror buff wheel and applied dry to bring the instruments to a high polish.   Measures 5" long, 11/4"wide, and 1" high.. 3 Per Pack

#PM - Plier Magic

This powder is an excellent product for the removal of brownish exterior water stains on your instruments, instrument racks, and it also helps clean the inside chambers of various sterilizers.   Sold in a 3oz. jar.