#073 Cinch Back Utility Plier

Orthopli's newest concept of a ulillity and cinch back plier for forming an cinching round and rectangular wire up to .028". This instrument is constructed of all stainless stell box joint forging and hardened tool steel inserted tips. The inside working surface of the inserts are precisionally cross serrated ensuring a positive grip in placing, removing, and cinching an arcdh wire. The tips are tapered to a fine point allowing you to reach where access is minimal.

#016-P Weingart Utility Plier (Non-Inserted)

All stainless steel-finely serrated narrow beaks, non inserted so that Orthopli Corporation can obtain the narrowest beaks possible allowing accessibility to all areas.

#016-SH Weingart Utility Plier (Short) (Non-Inserted)

Designed with an all stainelss stell box forging. The tips are machined with cross-serrated beaks to insure a positive grip when placing and removing wires. The tip length measures 7/8" in total length with a gradual taper curve toward the beak of the instrument.

#016-Weingart Utility Plier (Carbide Inserted Tips)

The finest quality plier of its nature is supplied by Orthopli, featuring deep serrated tungsten carbide inserts. Precision ground tips assure a firm, positive grip and longer wear.

#016-D Weingart Utility Plier Custom Design (Tool Steel Inserted)

Uniquely designed, this Weingart instrument is manufactured witha tool steel box joint construction forging. The tips are tool steel inserted, ensuring the life of the product. In the manufacturing process, we have cross-serrated the beaks , ensuring a positive grip during wire replacement and removal. The product is manufactured with an extremely fine nosed tip, giving excellent access and visibility during operation.

#011 How Plier, Style 110 (Non Inserted)

Deep precision formed serrations specially treated, afford longer service and also give firm grip during use. the thin beaks offer excellent visibility during the placement and removel of arch wires and general use. Can be altered to meet your needs.

#011-C How Plier, Style 110 (Carbide Inserted)

Orthopli 011 style with added tungsten carbide insert tips ensuring a positive grip along with a wearing ability. Long lasting.

#011-A How Plier, Angulated

These How pliers are angled ensuring a firm grip and ease in use.

011-AC How Plier, Angulated Carbide

These How pliers are angled ensuring a firm grip and ease in use.